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We have more than 15 years of experience developing all types of projects throughout Mexico.



We are a company dedicated to the development and execution of works using state-of-the-art technology that, through design and innovation, helps build cities of the future, offering our clients personalized solutions and unique designs.
From commercial installations to environmental projects, we propose to analyze each aspect of the project, optimizing the use of materials, times and costs for the benefit of the client. At Hyparch we are specialists in Flexible Architecture.



The technology of the membranes used in our projects allow to regulate the effects of the heating of the sun, reduce the environmental impact and in rainy climates it is completely self-cleaning, thus reducing maintenance costs. This material has a 15-year guarantee and a projected useful life of more than 25 years, in addition to the fact that the construction process reduces manufacturing, transportation and installation time throughout the Mexican Republic.

Flexible architecture

Our projects are created in an eco-friendly way, implementing the principles of Sustainable Architecture. We are specialists in tensile structures and sails where we actively create structures and harness the power of nature while providing tailored solutions.


We provide a differentiated architectural proposal that allows the generation of large covered spaces. It is an excellent screen for projections, and the programmable led lighting effects enhance the architecture. Regarding safety, our materials have an excellent response to earthquakes due to their lightness and flexibility. We have international safety certifications, always giving you the best quality.

Our materials conform to eco-design policies and contribute to obtaining points in environmental certifications, in addition to reducing the environmental impact by recycling our raw materials.